Zuludin: Ding 90! … A pre-patch 6.0 break is in order…

After the final push from pretty much level 89, Zuludin the Blood Elf pally finally killed the few last turtles on the beach of Timeless Isle (while eating those sand-covered eggs like a glutton…) and dinged 90. Yay!

I regret that I didn’t bother recording how long it actually took me to level characters in the past, but Zuludin’s /played after the ding was 2 days 9 hours and some minutes. Sounds about right for an average casual leveling speed I guess, but it felt quite long this time for some weird reason.

Maybe another burnout approaching? Not sure. If it’s that, it would be very poorly timed on my end, as patch 6.0 and even WoD itself are just around the corner.

So should I take a break from WoW now? Even a month would probably help clear my head a bit and look at the updated models and other WoD stuff more favorably, once it drops….

Being very busy in personal and business life, I’ll tell you very honestly right now – I haven’t ruled out this possibility yet. It’s quite possible I’ll take a break for a month or so, say, until October 14th, when patch 6.0 is most likely to drop. That sounds reasonable.

I’ll still tweet and read the news, as I’ve done in the past (reading news, not tweeting) when I took PROPER break from WoW, unsubbed and all. But not looking every 2nd night at the same old dungeons, and colorful pixels seems somewhat appealing right now. I won’t even bother unsubbing, as it would be just one month, plus I think Blizzard just charged me another $15 only a couple of days ago, so that’s fine…

You know what’s funny? That I didn’t plan to write this post describing my thoughts around encroaching burnout and possibility of taking a conscious break from WoW. Somehow this is where my thoughts took me… Hmmm, must be a sign… 😉

See you on Twitter guys.

BTW, I’ll probably still blog, as the news keep pouring in, right?

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