Pally Alt, and the brick wall of Timeless Isle AOE grind

As some of my Twitter followers might remember, a few weeks ago I couldn’t resist myself and rolled another pally – Zuludin – on a new server. I just love pallies, as they are ultimate hybrids, and easy-mode tanks, at least until WoD hits and then it’s both pain and excitement of discovery yet again…

So, it’s all been going pretty well for Zuludin for the last couple of weeks – breezing through PvE content, running dungeons half asleep, and doing kill-quests by running around the whole map, gathering HUGE hordes of melee mobs and then killing them all without breaking a sweat.

Eventually I got to Pandaria, which felt like a much longer journey this time around – I’m not even sure why. Some (ranged) classes can jump straight to Timeless Isle and grind mobs there pretty effectively, while for pally I had what I thought was a pretty good plan – get to at least level 86, equip my BoA sword, and then go into mindless grind mode.

I did that. And the brick wall hit Zuludin right in the face, bringing back the sense of reality that’s admittedly easy to forget being a Paladin… God, those turtles on the beach hit hard… Of course, the 4 level difference is what probably hurts the most – with all the “misses” on my end, and all the crushing blows on theirs, but basically it was a nightmare.

So poor Zuludin headed back to mainland, to continue sad questing until level 87 (I thought back then), thinking that with Kun’Lai questing gear and a bit bigger HP pool I’ll SUUURELY be able to go back and show those turtles on the beach who is the boss.

Did that late last night, and… ugh… I guess I could survive 3-4, rapidly spending charges of Holy Power on healing myself and eating those Sand-covered Eggs on the beach like there was no tomorrow, but it all felt too hard and too slow, and certainly not worth the time investment for the XP gained.

Disappointing, but a lesson learned that you guys might want to learn from.

Basically, I think I majorly underestimated the lack of stuns or other AOE CC, while just the pure self-sustaining/healing power and toughness levels were still too low to COMFORTABLY grind on 4-5+ turtles of Timeless Isle, that would make my time worth the trouble.

While I rather successfully did exactly that at level 87 on my recently leveled Warrior, Pally was struggling big time. Low damage output, no way to stun and control turtles, and all the trouble coming from that.

Anyway. Where is Zuludin at right now? Zuludin flew back to Eastwind Rest in Kun’Lai, wiping tears from his blood-covered face and currently thinking that it’s back to good old questing (quite possibly as Ret too).

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