Hello Townlong Steppes (yet again…), Abandoned Crate of Goods!

While the army of Beta testers prepares to fight along side with the Blues on Beta realms, I’ve been spending the little play-time I had lately leveling Zuludin, the recently level 88 Pally.

Thought the last nights discovery should help a few altoholics, who haven’t explored every corner of every map. Today featuring the Abandoned Crate of Goods from Townlong Steppes.


As soon as you enter Townlong Steppes from Kun’Lai top gate, you turn right and go as close as you can along the wall – I know there are some mountains/rocks in your way straight away, but there is a way to get on top of those and literally hug the wall once you get to the little lake there at the top.

As the animated waypoints show you above, you get to a little Elite Mogu compound, where you’ll find a little box for some good XP, comparable to the quest XP you’d get at that level range – as far as I can tell, it’s been nerfed down from ridiculously awesome ~800k XP that it’s allegedly supposed to award – it doesn’t anymore. Still worth picking up though, most definitely.

The box is guarded by an Elite Mogu dude “The Blade”, who is actually not very dangerous and pretty boring as far as his abilities are concerned. Just don’t stand in his telegraphed AOE, and you’ll be pretty much safe.

Most interestingly though, there was a rare spawn Mogu standing just a few steps away from the tent with The Blade guarding it – Kah’Tir.


He was also nothing too dangerous, really, but you need to be careful with his AOE attack and just be aware of the Quillen ad that he summons. No real issues for any class with some self-sustainability and DPS.

Most amazingly (and I LOOOVE discovering something like this, so late into MoP expansion) he dropped this purple bag of goodies:


That contained a couple of epic items of around ilevel 430 (so not really exciting, sadly). Still, a nice bonus to my quick leveling night in WoW, and I’ll certainly spend 5 min when I log on again tonight to check if my rare-spawn friend is around yet again, to look for another bag of similar goodies.

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