Final bosses have their own raid wings – what does it mean for LFR in WoD?

Morning all. To set the scene, let’s first talk about the awesome time Zuludin the pally had in LFR SoO last night.

In case you thought Zuludin immediately forgotten after dinging 90, you’re actually wrong. I love pallies and my interest in the toon that’s a pally, or a druid, or a shammy usually never dies out straight away.

Yes, I’ve started leveling a hunter, but not in a manic – “forget everyone else” – mode; he is only level 25 still, and I actually haven’t played him for the last couple of days.

Zuludin however got into a SoO run last night, which turned out to be super lucky for him. This also brought up an interesting chain of thought that I wanted to capture in this post.

In the first wing of SoO LFR Zuludin got drops from the first 3 bosses, and then nothing from Sha of Pride. Ah well, can’t complain anyway, right? 😉

In the Gates of Retribution Zuludin got to join for the last 2 bosses, and while Dark Shaman didn’t drop anything for him, General Nazgrim was kind enough to share his green gooey shield – yay!

So what actually makes us – altoholics – tick?

Certainly one of the dominant things there is that unique feeling of getting gear upgrades, relatively early, and relatively easily. Sure, I like the feeling of putting effort into obtaining something, but I don’t want to bust my balls for hours of “progression raiding” just to get my hands on some bracer that’s 10 ilevels above the one I got last night while eating my dinner with one hand, and mashing buttons with another.

Look, I’m not super proud of my attitude, maybe, but that’s the reality of a casual raider, player, and an altoholic in general. We put in the effort – I don’t want to literally go AFK, and don’t appreciate people who do! – BUT, it’s just NICE to have a mode specifically reserved for people like me, who do some time investment, apply some effort (including the immense amount of patience required to deal with the whole bunch of toxic kids all over the place – you know it!) and get our humble rewards.

If you hate LFR – that’s fine. Lots of people love it though, accept it.

Who normally hates LFR?

Hardcore raiders with ton of time on their hands, and PvP’ers mostly, as I can’t think of any other major categories of players (keyword here is “major”, as I’m not talking about the minority that ONLY logs on to play Pet Battles…) who would find much to do without setting a foot into LFR and enjoying the welfare spoils.

To me LFR was the main feature of WoW, hands down, ever since it launched. Even before it was available, I saw all those “casual” raids advertised in Trade chat, with the requirement of linking boss kill achievement and gear inspection at Dalaran fountain – and thought, “this sucks, how the hell am I supposed to have gear good enough without being able to get into a raid (to get that damn gear) in the first place?“.

LFR solved all that. It exposed me to raids, beyond the committed organised raiding time (which I’ve done plenty of a few years ago, don’t get me wrong), it gave me almost free loot, and a TON of fun.

I’m sure lots of casual WoW players have similar feelings to share. Now, what do we see happening in WoD?….

LFR “fading away” in WoD – a bad trend

Firstly, the already known news of tier pieces going away from LFR.

Not happy about it, as the lower stats & differently colored armor versions made us (casuals) feel like we are more or less “same class” citizens of the gaming world we live in. Now, under some new stupid “game rehash” direction, Blizzard decided to make us – LFR players – feel less important, and almost a bit forced into other modes of raiding.

…yes, the direction IS stupid, because you should not think you know better how I should play!

Noone forces me, you say? I guess not, but if I want content – I need to compromise on my free time, specific timeframe commitments, and even socialising with the mouth-breathing kids who take this game as a job on Ventrillo.

Trust me, I’m not judging you, but you shouldn’t judge me either, my little friends!

All I want on behalf of the other LFR players is not feel like a 2nd class citizen. I could apply real world analogs here, but doubt it would do any good, plus how many of you will actually read this anyway – I should just keep reminding myself that it’s more or less my own diary, rather than a public tribune! lol….

On top of what we’ve known already, about LFR turning into “tourist mode” rather than actual entry level raiding experience, there was this weird tweet exchange the other day, involving WatcherDev – make whatever you want of it:

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 11.14.57 am

Hmmm, re-reading this I’m not convinced that it’s actually talking about LFR not getting final bosses at all.

Firstly, that would suck some major balls, and secondly, I don’t think Blizzard would go that far to turn away HORDES of casual players currently addicted to LFR.

As you can see however, WatcherDev didn’t bother explaining himself – that’s pretty Blizzard-like, and it makes my blood boil, honestly. They need to communicate better, and I wonder why there’s no PR manager or someone with a foot big enough to go around the floor at Blizzard HQ and kick some butts?

I’d leave my current – pretty awesome – job for that, if BlizzardCareers is hiring a butt-kicking manager, by the way…

In case you have trouble picturing me, my little friends, picture this – THAT’S ME AT BLIZZARD HQ:

:) Thanks for reading.

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