Coliseum Arena Video, Hunter Leveling – No rest for the wicked

No I haven’t played it myself, but I have pretty good imagination, and I watched the video pretty closely. Looks like an amazingly unbalanced thing right now, but with a HUGE potential to become one of the best things ever for those who like a bit of an adrenalin spike after a long working day, yep.

Here is the video, in case you haven’t seen it:

First of all, it looks like an awesome idea for casual PvP’ers that I’ll personally thank Holinka for on Twitter.

Secondly, it obviously has a long way to go, both in terms of rewards for the participants (they can’t expect people to win reliably enough to remain motivated by some “winner-only” goodies), and in terms of class/level balance.

Why level 90s are allowed in the same arena with level 100s?? That’s obviously a pretty much free kill for a level 100, and reduction in competitive balance – i.e. if you’re supposed to be fighting against 9 other opponents, so be it, but with green 90s thrown in the mix, you’re really fighting only against a lesser number of players that ACTUALLY pose any real threat… You get what I mean?

Thirdly, what can be done to make sure tanks are not dominating so clearly (as they do now, in Beta)? Will the 25% (or is it 50%?) increased damage taken debuff make up for their ridiculous survivability, and will the somewhat lower damage output be somehow also balanced (buffed, perhaps?) so that tanks suddenly don’t suck?

I’ve also seen the point of view on the forums where someone said – don’t let tanks and/or healers into that arena at all. Reserve it for mouth-breathing rogues and hunters and paper mages only… What a stupid idea, guys.

How restricting access to certain areas of casual entertainment constitutes good design? The answer is simple – it doesn’t. All this requires is just another balancing pass with some buffs/debuffs being distributed, stealthed opponents waiting till everyone is low on health getting some sort of stacking time-based debuff too, etc, etc.

Once those things are done – this could be an AWESOME AWESOME way to kill a few minutes (or hours? lol) without leaving your Garrison at level 100, rather than hanging around Timeless Isle-like places of WoD…

Less important news: Zulukin is my new hunter!

Yes, my friends on Twitter told me that there apparently is an awesome hunter glyph – Glyph of Fetch – that makes pets collect loot from the targets we kill from range. To me, being a slightly bored and almost chronically tired player – because I play at night, after a long day at work, and/or gym/boxing – this was an amazing discovery that left me virtually no excuse not to roll a hunter and enjoy a more relaxed, less demanding gameplay of a pure DPS class.

Plus I happen to have a few hunter buddies on Twitter now who – I’m sure – will give me some “how not to suck at DPS” advice. So I’m actually really looking forward to my hunter journey in WoW, hopefully before 6.0 drops – but that bit is unpredictable.

Thanks for reading, and more tomorrow.

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