Blizzard @ PAX Prime… /yawn?

G’Day my lovely people and thanks for popping in this sunny day, for an extra weekend bit of my high quality (*cough*) rambles.

Blizzard is going to be at PAX Prime on August 29th. Yay. I guess. If you live in Seattle, and have nothing better to do. Why am I so uninterested? Fair question…

Short answer – because there won’t be much new and/or interesting stuff revealed there, and that’s mostly what players tune into those events for.

Long answer – the most important bit of news, which is WoD release date, will be revealed on August 14th, as a parallel event to GamesCom in Germany (which is beautiful this time of year, you should go if you can). Cinematic will be revealed, release date will be revealed, PTR 6.0 should hit if not before, then immediately after.

So what’s left to bring to PAX Prime, may I ask you? Of course, I’m viewing everything from the prism of a WoW addict and altoholic, and frankly I’m not very interested in any other Blizzard games right now – Diablo 3 2.0 was a solid effort, sure, and HotS looks like it’ll shape to be an awesome E-Sport too. Not for me though. Hearthstone? Well, I’m just conscious of offending other players here and I really don’t want to do that – in the spirit of upcoming GamesCom I’ll just say – Jedem das Seine, each to their own. Heathstone is not my thing.

So whats the purpose of this ramble? No purpose really, which is the definition of a “ramble” for you. Saw main-ish news over the weekend, decided to comment.

TL;DR: If you’re a WoW’er like me, and especially if you’re in WoD Beta already, don’t expect anything of interest at PAX Prime, and certainly don’t make special arrangements to attend the conference, if you had a sudden confusion and urge to do so.

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