New home for

So it happened that I got sick of people being unable to come read my blog whenever they like, and the impotence of my previous web host and their support tram started to annoy me beyond belief. The decision? Well, the only logical one – to move to greener pastures – at least at the moment they certainly look as such, and I hope this feeling lasts! 😉

I’m still setting up new web theme, trying to pick the most lightweight and responsive one, so you might need to bear with me for a bit – my apologies…

I’ll also do my best to migrate all the articles and media I had on the other host, but right now it appears to be in a full 100% unapologetic lockdown, so I can’t even access my files using their custom admin panel. But I’ll keep trying.

All I can say is – don’t use guys and girls. Just don’t.