Communicating with players is not the product. Really, @OccupyGStreet ?


MMO-Champion is not exempt from the current WoW news starvation, scraping the bottom of the barrel for anything worth a homepage mention. If you submit a cute picture of your dog doing a poo in a shape of Azeroth – I’d say there’s a high chance they will post it, you should try.

Among the other non-news, they’ve been echoing Greg Street’s tweets for ages now, as he talks to the community about WoW a lot more than the abominable WarcraftDevs account does, as if he is still on their payroll. I’m kidding, he is just a jolly chap, he really is, that Greg.

So today, my friends, I’d like to ramble a bit on something Greg said, that resonated with me on a deep level of fundamental disagreement – that communication with your player base is NOT really the product itself. While technically correct, there is so much wrong with this attitude (that Greg’s protege Celestalon wholeheartedly approves, by the way – not like it matters…), that I had to splash out my emotions into this post.

Read at your own risk.

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Garrisons on your Mobile : NOW would be the time! Let me tell you why… @WatcherDev #Warcraft #WoW


It was a hot couple of days in Sydney – like summer came suddenly, with not much advance warning – and I decided to spend the long weekend in the beautiful Blue Mountains, rather than in front of my computer screen, smashing colorful pixels. Not like I’m judging, if you think the opposite time spending strategy is just as valid – I’ve made weirder choices in the past, so we’ve all been there…

As I was relaxing in the shade of my Leura Bed and Breakfast accommodation, I did the usual geeky OCD things, like checking Twitter on my mobile phone. And while I’m not actually much of a mobile game player (yep, somehow it’s true), it crossed my mind that in this relaxed state of mind and away from my PC, I wouldn’t mind popping into my Garrison to check if I got any of those rare Gronn mount missions, or a few others that pop up now and then. After all – I have about 20 toons with Garrisons, so that would be a chunky yet very “turn-based” and uninvolving activity.

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I want to AOE DPS in #WoW, like I do in #Diablo…


Heeeeeey sexy ladeys… Ooop… Ooop.. Oooppah Diablo Style…. OH, sorry, got into the groove a little bit here, need to stop sooner… Welcome! :)

Seriously though, the man’s video has 2+ BILLION views. He made more money from Google Ads than from all his albums and concerts (I think). So whether you like his style or not, he must be doing something right, and it’s not a question – it’s a fact.

I did bite the stale WoW cookie and logged into the game to check out the Timewalking weekend, taking one of my freshly level 71 alts (DK) through a couple of dungeons, as a tank. XP is great, but progress is less smooth than ilevel 700 elitists of the world are harping on about – yes I know they normalize your ilevel, etc, but there must be more to it, because my 71 tank is A LOT more squishy than one of my freshly dinged 100s. Go figure. If you have time.

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Accessibility of WoW services vs. Corporate Greed… Fight! #WoW #Blizzard


If we really looked at this imaginary stand-off between making game services properly accessible to the wide range of your customers, and unapologetic corporate greed as a real “fight” – this wouldn’t even be a competition. It would have been a slaughter. Corporate Greed would have pummeled Accessibility into the ground before the crowd would get a chance to start cheering…

But why not amuse ourselves with this relaxed banter, and look at what they are actually doing? Make yourselves comfortable.

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Failed bet : Blizzard did not respond to #Wildstar #F2P launch as a strategic move


So I’ve predicted that Blizzard will respond to any major event in gaming space similar to theirs, with something of their own. Anything, really, not necessarily a Beta launch, but something that would turn heads back to their launcher, away from Wildstar and Guild Wars of the world.

Massive expectation in Blizzard space right now is for one of the following 3 things: Legion Beta announcement (or start), Overwatch Beta start, and finally – any more or less major information reveals about Legion. E.g. a Dev Watercooler session, or some sort of a staged Live Q&A. Any of those 3 would do, and would qualify as a “response” to whatever else is happening in the industry.

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