Episode 19 – “MMO Money talks, crude PvP fixes, and Diablo!” – available everywhere

On this episode I’m touching a lot of topics, including:

iLevel buffs to BRF Raid

Are those enough to satisfy anyone, or even scratch the surface of your DPS performance?

Attempted crude PvP fixes

Flat damage nerfs cause fears among Blizzard employees that unhappy PvP’ers will torch the main Blizzard office, so they revert the nerfs before it’s too late! (kidding…. kinda)

WoW Community updates

What are the people talking about? Lots of stuff, really…

MMO Market Money

How are subscription-based MMOs really performing, and are they here to stay?

I’m re-discovering DIABLO!

And enjoying it quite a lot (so far…)

That’s about it for this week, my friends, please enjoy, and subscribe to YouTube channel.

Episode 18 – “BlizzCon or WoW-Con 2015?” – available everywhere

Blizzard announced BlizzCon 2015 and the whole community is off speculating on what might be highlight of this year, as last years was clearly Overwatch…

So is this one going to be “SOMETHING”-Con, or “EVERYTHING”-Con, or hopefully just the good old WoW-Con?

My hopes are for WoW-Con, simply because of how lackluster WoD feels (at this moment, and to some of us, at least). They HAVE TO announce a new expansion, which HAS TO be richer in content appealing to even broader casual audiences.

So my predictions of what we might get this year at BlizzCon, for WoW and other Blizzard games.

All in all – obviously my guesses are as good as yours…

LFR Chronicles – Beastlord “Doormat” – down there with BOREgorger….

Don’t know how this boss is in other BRF difficulties, but on LFR Beastlord Darmac turns into a “doormat” pretty quickly, and the raid is wiping feet on him as they enter BRF LFR Wing 3.

Somewhat interesting premise with 3 different beasts to mount and trample us (raid members), but no real threat delivered, and nothing to write home about, as long as you’re aware of what to expect.