Ep 23 – “PTR 6.2: Destructible Followers” – Now on YouTube!

This was a huge week for various gaming (and other) news, including WoW PTR 6.2 going up with a bunch of patch notes, that everyone immediately jumped on, and I was not an exception.

On this episode:

Naval Missions – a Garrison paint job…

They expand on the tech that they’ve used for the Garrison by adding a new “hub” of Naval missions, and a time-sink of collecting resources and building various ships (including submarines) to send on those Naval missions.

This sounded awesome at first, until we found out that it is just a different mask on the ugly face of your Garrison prison. I share my thoughts on this topic, including speculation about what this feature COULD HAVE been.

Timewalker Dungeons!

Finally they promise to give us something that would make me genuinely excited. But then – some genius inside Blizzard decided to limit this awesome feature to 2 (TWO!!!) weekends only. WHAT. THE. FK? What are those people on, because I’d like to talk to their pharmacist…

My point being – WoW has aging population of people with families and commitments, and those people simply are unable to play on the weekends, especially if they have to also make sure they are free on a PARTICULAR weekend when Timewalking will be activated.

This is a hugely limited implementation of something that could be great. And it’s a huge shame.

New raid, Mythic Dungeons, and other topics from 6.2…

Yep, more stuff and rambles, and all of it around 6.2.

Please enjoy and bring your friends. :)

Uther – The BOREDOM bringer… – HotS commentary

Another “failed discovery” on my end – Uther was supposed to be easy melee support Hero, and everything was pointing at him being enjoyable, but unfortunately he didn’t turn out to be, at least with me in the driver’s seat…

His primary ability – heal – is on huge 12 seconds cooldown, and being not super potent by itself, it left me feeling like a very slow and sluggish healer, with low throughput, even when I try and compensate using his 2nd ability that also heals.

I couldn’t find my groove with this Hero, and as I said many times – for me it’s all about the FUN that I have on that Hero. And Uther only brought Boredom to me. Not Light.

Sgt Hammer – Hard to play girl – HotS commentary

I wanted to play Sgt Hammer ever since I saw someone play her in one of my first few games in Heroes of the Storm. She looked cool, funky, plus – come on! – she drives a freakin’ TANK!

But it turned out that she is much harder to play than advertised, or just simply “not my cup of tea”, as they say. Positioning is super important, as well as finger on that “Z” button to turn the thrusters on and get the hell out of there, if the melee enemy is approaching, and I have noone to hold the line in front of me.

Didn’t enjoy her as much as I hoped, unfortunately.

Sonya – Game of Thrones special! – HotS gameplay commentary

I always had a weak spot for red-haired women, it’s not a crude joke – it’s true. Sonya hit me hard, somewhat unexpected, but then – my immediate liking of her made 100% sense, basically a couple of minutes into the first game…

Diablo Barbarian, or as I prefer to see her – a wildling from Game of Thrones Universe – Sonya is fierce, dynamic, self-sustaining, and very dangerous.

Her Bladestorm ability is on low cooldown, and it heals her – not super well – but enough to be able to cut through those little mobs and mercenaries like a knife through butter.

Totally, totally enjoyable, very much discounted in the in-game shop at the moment of writing this blog post, and highly recommended to anyone who enjoys close quarter battles, and chopping through mobs. Super fun lady.

Tassadar – All the support you need! – HotS gameplay commentary

Tassadar is another Ranged Support hero I’ve discovered in Heroes of the Storm, and he turned out to be another surprise for me.

Firstly, he didn’t feel “Very Hard” as advertised in HotS UI. Secondly, his shielding ability, plus good AOE damage with Psionic Storm on a rather low cooldown make him very well balanced in defense and offense, just as a well designed Support Hero should feel.

I.e. he is not a healer, he is someone who can do both damage and protection of allies.

Had to buy him – that’s how awesome he turned out to be… Lol.