@BlizzardCS, your 1950s game maintenance policy needs to be reviewed… CC: @Warcraft


I’m all about fairness and calling spade a spade, not pulling any punches. I don’t blindly bash anyone who doesn’t deserve it, but this specific topic was my pet-hate for a while now.


Blizzard needs to either shut up about making the game for us, their players and customers, putting our interests first, OR review and fix most blatantly obvious issues affecting their widely spread international player base.

Staggering the maintenance time of Blizzard game range would be the best option, in my opinion.

There is a lot of ‘WHY??‘s in this post. You have been warned. lol…

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BEST way to gear your alts in 6.2 (no, not with Timewalking…)

So I played a bit more with the green goo-filled content of 6.2, and came to the following conclusion.

The best way to gear your alts – and mains, for those of us who didn’t have Heroic+ raiding gear to start with – is the most straightforward one:

1. Do dailies, kill rares, and simply – kill mobs – in Tanaan Jungle;
2. Get Baleful tokens, dropping left and right from those mobs;
3. Rejoice if you have multiple tokens of the same type, e.g. gloves;
4. Use them and hope the item upgrades to ilevel 675, thankfully the chance is HIGH.

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How 6.2 is curing my ALToholism, and WHY I need flying… CC: @Mumper @WarcraftDevs

The week of everyone diving into the huge amount of activities offered by 6.2 keeps rolling on, and the votes started pouring in – as always sometimes intangible, sometimes loud and unnecessarily abusive towards the devs, sometimes well argumented, a little scathing perhaps, but for the overall good of the game.

I hope my contributions in the form of these blog posts belong in that last “constructive criticism to build a better world” category. :)

Today I wanted to share my impressions of alt (un)friendliness of 6.2 and Tanaan Jungle in particular…

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I am disappointed in Timewalking so far, and here is why… Attn. of @Muffinus, @WarcraftDevs

Useless TW loot

In the spirit of Blizzard usually iterating on the new features they introduce into the game, I’d like to summarise and share my impressions about Timewalking so far.

First of all – I’m a huge fan of the idea to reuse the old dungeon content.

I never thought it’s a bad thing, and I think investing relatively little development effort into reviving something that’s already in game, while the main part of the team continues working on something bigger and better – is very very smart.

I’d like to request the following improvements however…

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Welcome to the Timeless Jungle. Enjoy your stay.


Finally, I’ve formed my own opinion about Tanaan Jungle, and here I am to share it with you, my friends.

I’ll try and focus my rambles around the most prominent points, making my impressions not just expression of unapologetic opinion, but also a word of advice. Which you may wish to follow or not.

Yes, it is Timeless Isle 2.0

There’s no need to pretend that it’s not. I actually enjoyed Timeless Isle back in MoP days, even though it was a pretty small zone, and in that regard Timeless Jungle is bigger and better…

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