Council of Glades NZ trademark. There are issues with it, but there is hope as well… #WoW #X6


While majority of people make themselves busy picking up gooey Apexis Crystals while debunking any attempt to make the WoW info-space a bit less stale, in the almost palpable standstill before Gamescom, I’ll just continue covering what amuses me, from the positive perspective of a man who looks AHEAD, and who wants to believe.

There’s a good chance this one is also a fake – but hell, we are all here anyway! – so might as well give it justice and take a look at this, newly filed trademark, allegedly by Blizzard. There was no official debunking of it so far either, so it looks like writing something about it will be worth my morning coffee-sipping time.

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[UPDATED x 2] – BETA 7.0 is indeed a fake. Shame.


Okay (x2), looks like Boubouille at least found a way to reproduce the fake – apparently very easily, according to his note on Twitch channel – encouraging us to stop speculation. Ah well, there’s always killjoys all over the place, aren’t there? 😉

All I can say is, this doesn’t cancel the fact that if Blizzard was more upfront about their roadmap, generating realistic expectations, we would be less prone to jump up and down at any imaginable leak.

It was fun while it lasted. Feel free to get back to grinding boring green goo. Feels, like a win, doesn’t it?

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Lull in #WoW causes shameful fall of some great WoW podcasts


For some reason I keep telling people that being understood, or accepted, or aligned with are actually NOT my primary drivers on this blog, or Twitter. Self-expression of my honest thoughts on whatever is happening in the gaming space that I care about – is what stays important to me.

Still, I catch myself starting pretty much each post with these mini-disclaimers, which means that part of me doesn’t want this to be misinterpreted, by the thinking population of Blizzard gaming space anyway. The rest can’t be helped, usually, and I accept it as collateral like a lot of other people putting themselves out there do.

Today I wanted to talk about how my podcast-listening landscape has changed over the last couple of months, in the thick of WoW lull, which surprisingly wasn’t even helped by the release of Patch 6.2. Let’s jump straight into it then, shall we?

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WHY even focus on an 11 year old game, with newer and more relevant titles in production? #WoW #X6


Hello everyone. I just had a (rare) moment to myself on the weekend, to browse through the forums and some linked YouTube videos. So I watched a couple of old interviews with WoW Dev “front-men”, other than already losing his relevance yet very popular Ion Hazzikostas. Yeah, I’m talking about Cory Stockton, Tom Chilton – the rest of the smooth-talking crew. There are not many exposed to us, by the way – did you notice? – aside from these highly trained professionals, who Blizzard PR unit invested a TON of training hours into…

But all of this is just a fluffy intro, beside the point, which I’m getting to. What I wanted to talk about today is a COUNTER POINT, which I decided to honestly consider, as an independent critical observer of the whole WoW disaster that unfolded in front of our eyes (some seeing, some completely blind) pretty much since the last Blizzcon.

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Mamytwink publishes Gamescom Blizzard Press Conference invite… This means SOMETHING.


Okay, Ladies and Gentlemen, some official movement in “Blizzard revealing something at Gamescom” space started showing with this article on Mamytwink, showing the invite to a closed-doors Blizzard press conference they’ve been invited into, at Gamescom, in 2 weeks.

Chrome-translated from French:

A press conference , at which the team Mamytwink is invited, will take place on m ednesday August 5 from 12:00 to 1:00 p.m. . Blizzard will reveal the contents of the advertisements they reserve for the 2015 Gamescom. In other words, new crispy ads await you. We look forward to it and to keep you informed of all these developments on the network.

Bring on the crispy ads, I say….

Additionally, here is a link to official schedule of Gamescom panels, where the one Mamytwink got invited into is showing as well, by invitation only.


What does this mean?

Boring skeptics will say – “nothing”. I say this means something for sure.