Episode 3 – Highmaul – LFR Done Right

Episode 3 of the podcast was released yesterday, discussing a few controversial topics:

  • Can Draenei really be Warlocks? Some people say – no…
  • Is the first wing of Highmaul LFR really TOO easy?
  • And my next character to level 100 is….

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Episode 2 – Horrors of Molten Core and more

Second episode of the podcast is now available for your listening pleasure, and you can find it on iTunes (if you’re using Apple devices) or subscribe to the feed directly, by using Android-powered methods.

I’ll talk about my experience with Heroic LFG, levelling my Death Knight, braving Molten Core, and other things.

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Episode 1 – The *Myth* of Oceanic Servers

Episode 1 is ready for your listening pleasure, as long as you are not too sensitive and reached your adulthood…

I.e. I’m not picking words very carefully when recording these episodes, and while there is no intent to be swearing all the time, there is plenty of what you’d call “coarse language” in it.

Not for kids! :)

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Introducing WoW Alt Podcast

UPDATE: The first episode of the podcast is available, and I welcome all of you to subscribe to the feed. You can always unsubscribe if you don’t like it. :)

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Every man and his dog seem to have a podcast these days, so I guess soon I will join the same club.

I’ve been thinking about it for a while, and thought a blog will do, but let’s face it – not many people have time to read, and purely venting in text “dear diary” style apparently gets old pretty quickly as well, so there you go – I’ve reached my own logical milestone conclusion…

WoW Alt turns into a podcast!

Once again, it’s a socially personal experiment.

I have thoughts, and I have a voice to convey those thoughts.

(Some of) you have time to listen to lots of WoW-related rambles every day, and as unique as the existing podcasts are, they all talk about the same shit, really.

My point here being – there’s always room for a new kid on the block.

Who will run the podcast?

Me, Toro Swensen, that’s it.

At the moment I don’t want a co-host, as my thoughts are my own, and my views are rather radical and “straight-shooting”, so I want to first start solidly delivering them myself, and later I _might_ consider help, or just adding variety, eg “guest speakers” – I already have a couple of people who are pretty keen to jump in and help out with their segments (thanks guys!)

What will it be about?

World of Warcraft, duh! Lol

Seriously though, sort of similar to what I’ve been posting on my blog so far, except hopefully more regular, personal – ie voice – and I’ll try and keep it edgy and engaging.

I don’t mind being the only guy who will openly educate people on the whole DDOS shit, and will probably give quite a lot of insight into how corporations run their business, how project scope is defined, redefined and cut.

That’s edgy stuff though – I won’t make shit up, so hopefully this won’t even be a very necessary segment – I’ll be the blind straight shooting judge, talking about dirty distraction corporate games and stuff, only when the targeted company deserves it.

As opposed to popular belief – I don’t bash anyone undeservingly. Gives me zero pleasure to do it, and would give you zero pleasure to listen to it.

So, to summarise:

Main podcast content I suspect will be driven by general WoW news and what’s happening in game and around the forum community.

When will the first episode be released?

UPDATE: It’s available right now!

You can find it on iTunes – https://itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/wow-alt-podcast/id949393031

Or subscribe to the feed directly over here – http://feeds.feedburner.com/WowAltPodcast

How will it be distributed?

I’m aiming to record and release one episode per week, and primary distribution channel will be iTunes.

I’m not sure what’s most popular podcast distribution channel for Google/Android platform – please tweet to me any recommendations, I’ll appreciate those!

Thanks, and I guess you’ll hear from me soon! ;)

WoD’s “crafting with gotchas”. NON-crafter’s perspective.

I have 19 characters in WoW.

Only 2 of those have not reached level 90, so yeah, I’ve been playing this game for a while. None of them have a maxed out crafting profession.

So here I’ll ramble a bit on the state of crafting in WoD, from the perspective of a casual non-crafter.

But first let me give you a bit of a perspective, with this…

Quick flashback

Ages ago I tried professions, just like everyone did. Very quickly I figured out that it’s some sort of an UN-FUN time-sink, “simulated work“, that I personally always had plenty of in my real life.

I suppose if you are in high school, or elsewhere, but not really working full time, spending hours in a mine or next to an anvil might appeal to you. I also know people who do work full time, and still love crafting. More power to all of you, honestly.

I’m different. I don’t want to WORK in-game. I work hard IRL, and in-game I want to REST.

I want a feeling of virtual satisfaction from activities that don’t resemble WORK, in terms of having to do some boring shit in order to produce a couple of iron bars that I’ll then try and sell, or make something with those…

Another important point here is – WHY DO WE WORK? In-game or otherwise? To make money and live better, generally. Unless you have a rich uncle and just work to make money for charity, that works (for some) too.

Whatever rocks your boat regarding working IRL, I never felt the need for that extra TON of gold in WoW. Sure, I could never afford that huge Traveller Mammoth mount, or the Pandaren one, with lots of umbrellas on it.

Did it make me feel “poorer”, or like I’ve missed out on something? Nnnope.

Did it prevent me from spending 56k gold on Garrosh Heirloom paid carries? NNope, I still had enough gold, earned through questing and LFR, and whatever else – I don’t even know.

I hope you see my point.

There was never a NEED to work in-game for me, and I like it that way.

Garrisons, and crafting in WoD

So, as soon as Garrisons were announced, with all the promised benefits to non-crafters – i.e. “Hey, you there! yes, YOU! Did you always want to have easy access to your own scribe without having to bust your balls and level a profession? Now you can!…

I didn’t even jump up and down and clap my hands. Probably because – a). I don’t care, and b). I’m old and cynical enough to know there’s always a catch. How big a catch – no idea – but it’s always there.

Because no one is going to just give you something for free, while their primary goal is to create ways for you to invest more of your time in game activities, while your subscription timer keeps ticking.

But I was curious – how will they implement it in WoD? Will there be actual benefits to a non-crafter, who will consciously refuse to dive into the whole renewed “crafting with gotcha’s” (c) loop.

Now that I have 1 toon at 100 and another one almost 99, looked into a few professions, and can say now – I’ve seen (and heard, and read) enough by now to have an opinion on the state of things.


DIS-enchanting of stuff I don’t need, without having maxed out Enchanting (e.g. level 700) is awesome.

I’d say Enchanting building is a must in every Garrison, unless you’re a more focused professional crafter and need that spot for something else.

The actual use of enchanting mats? Sell them of course. I haven’t encountered any remotest need to have my gear enchanted yet in order to feel a significant performance difference.

Plus, when and if I need that one Dancing Steel enchant, or whatever – I’ll go and buy it from AH.


Mining is great. Especially when we are talking about “simulated mining”, inside my own mine, without a mining pick or mining skill at all.

I actually love the fact that I don’t need to fly (or ride) around the world and look for ore nodes, and instead can go into my own personal mine, and collect stuff for 5-10 mins.

It’s like meditation, love it.

Now, question is – what do I do with all that ore?

Apparently every Garrison I hear about is overflowing with it. On AH you can buy a 200 for a ridiculously low amount, so I’m just stashing it for better days.


Without the actual profession, probably the same as Mining, except on a smaller scale. I.e. meditation effect is smaller/shorter, due to herb garden being smaller than the mine.

I just go there, pick herbs, that’s it, done.

I sell them too. One thing that sells rather well, I’d say.


I’m not a blacksmith, and MAYBE it would make a difference if I was. For a non-crafter though, my Garrison building could craft some blue gear, which looked appealing when I saw it at level 91, but any half-decent quest reward is better than those pieces now.

So I’ll call those pointless, if anyone wanted to invest time into crafting those.

Also, some pieces require A HUNDRED of bars, which are obtained through hourly/daily/weekly gated work orders, and while my math is not good enough to calculate – how long exactly would it take me to craft ONE piece, my common sense is pretty good.

And it’s telling me – not worth the trouble!


Well, this one is quite funny.

Some person in Blizzard basement who invented WoD Tailoring (which is nothing like pre-WoD Tailoring, from what I can tell) decided to start with the most genius idea – no cloth drops from mobs in WoD.

You get FUR, then you have hourly/daily/weekly-gated work orders, that apparently produce cloth.

Then, anything half decent – just like with Blacksmithing – requires other ingredients, which you need to obtain through trade, or barter with other players.

Anyway, I’m getting bored even writing about it, and admittedly I don’t have all the extensive facts right now – but one thing is clear – Tailoring is not made easy, or rewarding, or fun, or anything.

I say – skip at all costs, until they make it more appealing.

Other profs

I’ve unlocked Fishing Shack, and it was not bad, with a couple of relevant quests that unlocked local fisherman, and all that.

I know a lot of people who like Fishing and find it super meditating – and I won’t argue with that. It just seems to require a lot more time than I’d like to stay still, and I’m not aware of stacks of fish selling as well as stacks of ore (or herbs, for that matter).

Also, if there was some benefit to Fishing in a loot equivalent sense, e.g. a chance to fish out a crate of salvage, similar to those you might get from Garrison missions if you have a Salvage Yard – that would make Fishing worth the time investment for me.

I wanted to try Alchemy but got distracted. I’m not in a raiding guild and I see zero point in drinking a Flask for an odd LFR run – which is going to be the top end for my alt progression in this expansion, as it was in MoP.

I wanted to try Inscription, because one of my favourite podcasts mentioned that it’s where most crafting income is – selling glyphs and Darkmoon trinkets – but I bet that’s not for a non-crafter, i.e. it’s only for those who have a maxed out profession. Which I don’t.


I don’t craft.

I disenchant stuff.

I sell everything I gain from my Mine, Herb Garden, plus d/e shards.

I don’t feel like I’m missing out on some “crafting fun”, and still doubt there is such a concept for me in-game.

I wish however that Blizz made professions more accessible, YET REWARDING.

I.e. why the hell would I bother crafting a place chestpiece, when I can win ~5 battlegrounds for a solid chance to get a BETTER one in a Strongbox?

And if your luck is better than mine – you could get it from your first win. Or loss!

PvP all the way baby…