LFR Chronicles – “Sad story of Hans and Franz” – on YouTube

Blackrock Foundry LFR exploration continues with this episode of LFR Chronicles, where we look at Wing 2 – The Black Forge, featuring:

- Twin brothers from Germany – Hans and Franz (awesome fight, hilarious too);

- Flamebender Kag’raz – who was more or less boring, I’d say, at least on LFR difficulty;

- KROMOG – who was nothing but awesome. This fight is not included in this video, and will be discussed in a video of it’s own, to be released shortly.

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Episode 16 – “Patch 6.1 is here, and so is The Black Forge…” – available now

On this podcast episode I talk about my actual impressions of patch 6.1, now that it had landed, and could be reviewed “hands-on”. There’s a lot of good in it, as well as the known gaping holes.

Specifically on this episode:

- Impressions of 6.1 (Heirlooms rock)
- The Black Forge LFR (much better bosses)
- Raids and Dungeons Q&A review
- And the usual related rambles

Please enjoy and tell your friends!

LFR Chronicles – GRUUL, and The Blast Furnace – on YouTube now

Gruul is a second boss of Blackrock Foundry LFR Wing 1, and he poses at least SOME THREAT to the raid, and mainly to the tanks, which I welcome with open arms, as otherwise the encounters have gotten a bit mind-numbing lately, with Highmaul…

The Blast Furnace can get challenging if the ads are not being properly controlled (read – killed in time), and there are too many Security Guards running around, throwing their defensive shielded areas left and right.

These are both fun fights, but nothing to write home about, especially when compared to The Black Forge – Wing 2 – which will be reviewed very shortly!

Once again – WIPES IN LFR ACTUALLY HAPPEN! – with video proof :)

I’m genuinely amazed at how many in-game heroes insist on being reckless in LFR, which in 99% leads to wipes, grief and slowed down progress of otherwise a smooth run.

I’ve seen this too many times in SoO (which of course was a lot harder than LFR in WoD), and I start seeing more and more of it now, in WoD, with later LFR wings becoming slightly more challenging.

To be fair, I actually see more wipes on trash, believe it or not.

Wipes usually have a reason. Or multiple reasons. Those are mostly predictable and super-avoidable.

This video is not to provide or recap all of those reasons, but more of an in-your-face factual joke, demonstrating how just wrong taunting and not getting out of crap during a more challenging boss fight leads to a ton of splash damage on a raid, and inability of healers to top up the raid in time.

I hope you enjoy… and let the tanks pull next time your finger feels a bit too trigger-happy! :)

LFR Chronicles – “BOREgorger” – Episode 1 available on YouTube!

So I’ve decided to diversify further, and try creating some video content for YouTube, as well as keep uploading Audio episodes of my podcast every week.

The new video series are called “LFR CHRONICLES“, and will be recording my first-time experience tanking (mostly) each boss of Blackrock Foundry raid – and any other raids, if you guys find this entertaining or interesting to watch in any other way. Feedback would be most appreciated!

In a few bullet points, the angle of the series is:

1. Unprepared tank, handling LFR challenges face-on
2. Straight-shooting feedback on each encounter, from my casual veteran perspective
3. Fails, wipes, and other fun stuff – as it happens!

I hope you enjoy.