Episode 10 – “PTR 6.1 and Attack of the Heirloom Clones!” – is available on YouTube, and soon on iTunes!

Welcome to the 10th – “mini anniversary” – episode of my podcast. I’m excited to be receiving mostly positive feedback so far, and getting support from various people, so this is for you guys!

Please enjoy, and SUBSCRIBE to the channel – to help get it off the ground.

This is the first episode to be released first on YouTube, and early next week – on iTunes and Stitcher.

On this episode:

- Features of PTR 6.1 that interest me the most;
- How the podcast is doing so far;
- How do I feel about a jukebox being added to Garrisons?
- And a ton of related and hopefully amusing rambles, guys and girls.

Thanks for being here, and talk to you again soon.

WoW Alt Podcast is now on YouTube — PLEASE RT, and support the new channel by subscribing!

It didn’t take a long time for me to decide that for a very new podcast with growing audience it only makes sense to utilise every available distribution channel, and the means of organic – not forced – self promotion.

I’ll speak about this more on the next episode (10) that’s due to be released in the next couple of days, but in summary:

I’ve expanded WoW Alt Podcast distribution model to YouTube, starting by packaging all of the existing podcast episodes as videos, and now slowly uploading those to my new YouTube channel (which still has a very ugly URL – hence shortened! – due to the current lack of subscribers), starting with most recent ones, and tracing back to the beginning of the show.

Soon all episodes will be on YouTube, with shiny new thumbnails, and the whole shebang you can expect from YouTube (except video feed! lol)

What can you do to support this?

I’d very much appreciate it if you:

1. Visit the channel on YouTube, and subscribe.

2. “Like” the episodes that you enjoyed listening to – I’ll upload more soon, and will keep doing so going forward.

While I’ll continue running this podcast regardless, it is highly motivational to see support from people who enjoy this show – even if you don’t agree with every point I make in it.

Thanks for sticking around and visiting the blog, and chat to you soon – on Twitter, YouTube comments, or the podcast itself.

Episode 9 available – “Eye of Azshara vs Imperator Margok” – opinions from the scary heart of MMO-C forums!


If you haven’t picked it up yet – now is your chance! – the latest episode 9 of WoW Alt Podcast is available on iTunes and Stitcher.

As always it’s a rambly one, talking mostly about the upcoming next expansion, and trying to toss around a few ideas about – when is the announcement of it likely to happen.

My money is on – Mid-year, before Blizzcon. Let me tell you how MMO-Champion forum responded to my theory though. It’s both confronting and amusing (I hope!).

Also on this episode – the last wing of Highmaul LFR is open, and anyone can finally have a go at Imperator Mar’gok. He is a fun boss, and a challenge even in LFR.

Plus more all-rounded rambles about WoW and what I do in it.

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Podcast Ep 8 – “State of the game, and Soul-destroying garrisons” – is available now. What is it about?

Happy New Year everybody!

Hope you had (or still having) a lovely holiday, and slowly preparing to get back into the whirlwind of work – I’m certainly bracing myself here!

The new episode of the podcast is already showing as available for download if you’re subscribed to the podcast on iTunes (not via web interface yet, at the moment of writing this post, but via Podcasts App), and Stitcher will update soon – it always takes a little bit of its own sweet time, I have to say….

On this episode I’m talking about:

- It’s not that we don’t have enough content in-game per se, BUT it is arguably the nature of this content that makes it so draining, and contributing to burnout;

- “State of the game”, in the main areas of PvE, PvP, Garrisons, from WoW Community’s perspective, generously augmented by yours truly, representing all casual altoholics out there;

- My new approach to identifying the origin of my in-game burnout, and how to manage it;

- A bonus conspiracy theory around LFR loot;

- And more rambles on related topics, as always! :)

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