#Wildstar goes F2P on Sept 29th – Will Blizzard respond? #WoW #Beta


I was looking forward to Wildstar, before it launched, and was very excited when it did. The slightly goofy world, good humor, stylistic resemblances with WoW, yet something new. And as you know, I need something new from time to time, as the old content – well – gets OLD, really. As human beings we need to be entertained by influx of new emotions, IRL and in virtual worlds too. With the exception of when something constant and solid supplies those emotions without a fail anyway, but those are more of exceptions than a rule – and I want to make an effort and not sound like a doctor this time! 😉

Then I got distracted by new content in WoW (those were good old days, my friends), and ultimately I blame rolly-polly combat system of Wildstar, similar to Guild Wars 2, which wasn’t easy mode enough for my liking. Ever since I did it, I heard the game wasn’t doing too well with their attempt at competitive subscription model, even with their own WoWToken equivalent – CREDD system. So now they are rebooting everything – pretty majorly too, I heard – and going F2P.

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GRIND, BTICHES! vs. Wrongly labelled Sense of Entitlement… #WoW #Timewalking


Ah the beauty of having my own Blog, where I can write about whatever the hell strikes my mood, and in whichever format I like. It’s wonderful really, I’m telling you. Even more wonderful thing is that there’s about a solid number of 200 of you (spiking up now and then), who clearly are either actually interested in what I have to say, or are bored enough to keep coming every day and digest what I write. Whoever you are – you are welcome here.

This morning I stumbled upon a Tweet from WarcraftDevs where they give some good news about Timewalking rewards grind being not as bad as someone had thought, with “booster quests” being available once in a while – actual frequency of those remains slightly unclear to me, and it’s partly my own fault as I refused to play in the green goo as a non-flier, and still stand by my decision. I’m fine outside the game, I really am. It’s keeping an eye on the news is what remains to be interesting…

So it’s been said 100 times that WarcraftDevs don’t give a flying duck about what you and me really think. They have their own little plan, and their own little salaries paid however-often into their bank accounts. Good on them – everyone has their own job to do, that’s fine. Problem is – they do their jobs pretty badly, as far as customer satisfaction stands, even on a generic scale – not just listening to the toxic outbursts of select individuals.

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Blast from the past – THERE WONT BE A 6.3… Was I wrong?

It is interesting to revisit my own thoughts on various WoW-related subjects, thanks to the chronicle being available in the form of my podcast episodes, stretching through the good part of this year… Today I’ve decided to take a look at Episode 25, named “There won’t be a 6.3“, with YouTube version pasted above for your Retro-listening pleasure!

On this episode I was talking a lot about features of PTR 6.2, expressed my expectations from Timewalking events (around min 24), thoughts on “content reuse”, good arguments from MMO-Champion forums in favor (and against) the theory of expansion announcement before BlizzCon, and the actual possibility of a 3rd major patch 6.3 (around min 28). There was even a bit for Diablo fans towards the end, if that’s your cup of tea.

Was I wrong in my speculative predictions and alignment with certain theoreticians from the forums? No, I wasn’t wrong, actually.

My general opinion about limited setup of Timewalking events hasn’t changed either, and the predictive timeline for expansion release – while evidently shifting towards the far end of predicted timeline bracket – still stands.

All pre-BlizzCon cards are now played… Whats next? #WoW #BlizzCon


Now that all LFR wings are open, flying is (this time definitely) released tomorrow, PvP mercenary mode and time-sink rewards for Timewalking as well – Blizzard has no more cards to play. At least none that we would know about.

There is of course the promised Legion Beta, but a lot of people including myself are leaning towards the Beta start around BlizzCon theory. Some still say that they need to release it earlier – and I agree that they should – but don’t think that they will do it anymore…

Their decisions became erratic and illogical, and we are sadly almost used to the new state of things where those plans are almost not communicated at all – which Blizzard apologists will put 100% back on us, players demanding better comms and getting upset as they keep ignoring (and sometimes biting) the hand that feeds them.

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How stubborn policies can hurt movie fan experience #WoW #Movie #Legendary


First of all let me say – I’m certain none of this is Blizzard’s fault. After all, the whole movie business is in the hands of fat-bellied directors of Legendary Entertainment, and the other balding Hollywood producers. When I picture those fellows, a brilliant scenic image and role of a Hollywood producer that Tom Cruise played in Tropic Thunder comes to mind. Oh Em Gee, I laughed so hard at his dance to that song by Ludacris. You have to watch it, if you’ve no idea what I’m talking about – you can thank me for this tip later! 😉

Back to our topic of today’s discussion – front and center on MMO-Champion homepage today is yet another WoW Movie leaked trailer, from a Russian source, by the look of the subtitles in it, watermarks all over the place, it practically oozes illegal in any dimension it can, and yet one of the most prominent WoW fan sites publishes it on the homepage, and as far as I can see – at the moment of posting this – no trigger happy lawyer at Blizzard (or Legendary, for that matter) had asked them to take it down yet. Interesting.

So I just decided to ramble about clearly outdated and stupidly stubborn movie production company policies, that are not doing a very good job to keep up with the modern day and age – where stuff leaks left and right, as it’s in the hands of people with uncontrollable access to Social Media, who are stealing their thunder, really.

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